Ginny Garretti

Greedy blackmailer Ginny Garretti

Ginny Garretti (Stefanie Wiens) is a villainess from the 2019 Lifetime film Recipe for Danger (originally titled Fatal Friend Request; airdate June 7, 2019). She is the former cellmate of Taryn James, who was born Tina Jensen.

It was never revealed why Ginny was arrested, but it was uncovered that both she and Tina/Taryn were both released on parole a month prior to the film's events, which began with the latter killing the lawyer who handled the adoption of her daughter Patrice, who was renamed Lacy three years ago after being given to Vanessa and Mark Peters. At one point, Ginny was suspected to be the murderer, but she had an iron-clad alibi for the night in question.

Ginny was first shown confronting Taryn, who she called by her real name, at Vanessa's restaurant, only for her to successfully brush her away when her co-worker Heidi arrived. The latter ended up being confronted by Ginny once again, and in their latest meeting, the evil woman demanded money from her former cellmate, stating that either she paid her within the next three days or she would return to said restaurant and unveil Taryn's true identity.

Ginny's last appearance in the film had Vanessa coming across her after Taryn abducted Lacy/Patrice, with the protagonist asking the former for her whereabouts. The blackmailing villainess gave her information on Taryn as well as her and Lacy's location before insisting on receiving a payment from Vanessa in return, with her request upholding her greedy personality. Additionally, her ultimate fate was never revealed.

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