Gina Gridlocked

Former WWE villainess Trish Stratus as the evil Gina

Gina (Trish Stratus) was the hidden villainess from the 2015 film, Gridlocked. She was part of a SWAT police squad led by David Hendrix, and the group was on the defensive when a group mercenaries, led by Korver (the main antagonist), were after millions of dollars worth of bonds.

In the film's climax, however, Gina turned heel when she was caught by Brody Walker (a celebrity doing community service) taking the bonds out of the mercenaries' truck, revealing herself as a villainess. It was later revealed by Brody that Gina set up Scott Calloway as the traitor, but at that moment, Gina appeared and fired shots at Brody and Scott, after learning that Brody was right behind her and also after seeing Brody attempt to free Scott.

Regarding her motive, the evil Gina simply stated to Scott that she did it for the money, right before she killed Scott. She is later shot by Brody, who played dead to avoid being killed by Gina, but after seeing that Gina was only shot in her jaw, the two fought each other. After the brawl, Gina escapes, but she is quickly killed by Brody with a single shot to her head.


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