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Gina (Dyanne DiMarco) is a character in the 1996 Shannon Tweed erotic Sci-Fi movie "Electra".

Gina is a henchwoman of the villain, Roach Driver (Rob Wilson).  Gina is a bit of a Cher lookalike (circa the Love Hurts era). Imagine early 90s Cher as a leather-clad S&M henchwoman and you get the picture. She usually wears a leather corset, bra and other leather underwear topped off with a PVC jacket and knee high black suede boots. Like her fellow henchwoman Karen (Lara Daans), she is armed with a tranquillizer pistol. She lacks Karen's anger, but does enjoy violence in her own way.

She is ultimately killed by the hero's temporarily super-powered girlfriend who rips out her heart and throws it like a Frisbee into the mouth of Karen.

Role in Movie Edit

Her role is to assist the villain, Roach, obtain a serum that will restore him to his former self. Along the way she kills a number of men with her bare hands and uses her erotic charms on both the hero Billy Duncan (Joe Tabb) and his soon-to-be evil stepmother, Lorna Duncan (Shannon Tweed). At one point she snaps a man's neck between her legs while undercover as a cheerleader. Like Karen, she shows contempt for the useless henchmen, calling one of them a "fucking dolt".

There is a more complete summary of the film on the page for Karen.

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