Gilda is a black widow who married a rich man, Magnus Bancroft, an art collector.


Two weeks after the wedding, she learned that all of his collections, except for the main one, he bequeathed to the museum. That same night, she followed him into the dungeon to see his secret room, in which the main treasures were kept. On the way back, she got the idea that she could kill her husband. Gilda hit Bancroft on the head and thought. that he died. In the morning, waking up in a wonderful mood, she called her lover Randy and said that she had killed her husband. A few minutes later Magnus entered the bedroom door. He did not die that night. Magnus told her that an accident had occurred and he fell. Gilda pretended to be worried about her husband and helped him. When her lover Randy arrived, she went for a walk with him. Magnus saw them kissing and told Gilda that he was filing for divorce. Gilda told him that she had poisoned coffee and Magnus would die in a few minutes. Before his death, Magnus swallowed the key to the treasury. A few weeks after the funeral, Gilda and Randy dug a grave and pulled the key out of the body of Magnus. The vault door was mined and Randy died when he tried to open the door. Gilda went into the vault and saw that there were many match books covers in it. She began to laugh and said that because  for the  match books no one kills people.

Gilda appears in the story "All Keyed Up" in the comic Tomb of Terror 16 1954.


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