Gilberte (Estelle Lefébure) is one of the main villains in the horror film Frontier(s), made in 2007 and which follows a group of young criminals from Paris who lodge at a countryside inn run by neo-Nazis in the aftermath of riots spurred by a controversial presidential election. Tom and Farid take the money to a family-run inn near the border. Tom and Farid are the first of the gang to arrive at the border hostel. Innkeepers Gilberte (Estelle Lefébure) and Klaudia (Amélie Daure) claim their rooms are free and seduce the two men. After a very hot sex scene, Giberte becomes strangely cold again with her one-night stand. The latter, no doubt offended, insulting her by calling her a "whore" in front of his family gathered at dinner. Fatal error, since the massacre will begin with the execution of the two unfaithful friends. When when the other couple join the hostel a little later, the nightmare continues. But this time the task will be much more complicated than expected. Indeed, the young woman named Yasmine will prove to be a fearsome survivor, and put an end to the bloody actions of this extremist family. After a bitter struggle to get out of the inn, Yasmine ends up on the outside. Yasmine searches for car keys to escape, but is ambushed by Gilberte and Klaudia bearing sub-machine guns. During the shootout, Yasmine hits a gas tank, blowing up the room. Gilberte survives the explosion and attempts to kill Yasmine only to have her throat torn out by her.


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