Gigliola Ghirardi is one of the antagonist vampires in the animation Strike The Blood.


Gigliola Ghirardi First Appearance

Episode Edit

1st Season 16~17,19 episode.

Appearance Edit

Violet haired busty women. Wearing skimpy lingerie, sensual like costumes. Author says "she is by such externals loitering is to fully demonstrate the"mesmerizing"effect somewhat in her hobbies" with that.

Story Edit

Gigliola is one of the descendant of the "old generation" vampire, " Princess of the Chaos", known in vampire world as a high class prostitute. She was dabbled in various crimes and arrested, and initially was jailed in a European prison, but witch Natsuki put prisoners and guards put under control and break the prison wall, then Gigliola and other prisoners escaped. She wanted to attack Minamiya Natsuki, the teacher of the heroes, using her ability of attacking with poison bees, but was confronted by vadra, a powerful male noble vampire. Gigliola was almost immediately knocked down. Vadra wanted to torture her to death, but the protection mechanism of the jail on her body is still working, so when her power was gone and became weak enough when defeated by Vadra she was right away sent back to the jail.[1]

References Edit

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