History Edit

Originally, Giganta was a female gorilla genetically engineered into a human woman by Grodd. She became devoted to him, even though he started to care less and less for her. She was amongst the members of Grodd's Secret Society and was responsible for freeing the supervillain The Shade from prison. When Grodd tried to take back control of the Legion by force, she sided with Lex Luthor and participated in the battle. She attempted to crush Grodd when he had previously tried to "fry her brain" She joined Flash and Green Lantern to take down the Apokoliptian invasion in Paris. During the final moments of the series the Justice League gave Giganta and her fellow villains a five minute head start as a reward aiding the League in stopping the invasion. Giganta however sacrifices a few seconds of her head start to give the Flash a quick kiss.

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