Ghost Woman

The unnamed and psychotic Ghost Woman

The unnamed Ghost Woman (Lydia Muijen) is the villainess of "Scout", episode 1.08 of the AwesomenessTV horror anthology series Sleep Tight (release date October 27, 2016). She was a malevolent spirit haunting the new house of the episode's protagonist family, which consisted of an unnamed father, his daughters Hazel and Celia, and their dog Scout (with their new move occuring after the death of the girls' mother)

Upon the family's arrival at the house, the ghost woman immediately began to terrorize Scout (him being the only member of the family who could see her). As a result, Scout began aggressively barking at the ghost woman to warn his family of her presence, only for his behavior to irritate them instead. Utilizing this, the evil spirit threw garbage around the kitchen and tore up the sofa pillows. Celia took notice of how implausible it would be for Scout to cause so much damage, only for her father to ignore her concerns--even as the spirit began to directly attack Celia and Hazel.

In the episode's climax, after the father had begun putting Scout in a cage, Scout managed to escape and run up to Hazel's bedroom as the ghost woman was attacking and attempting to strangle her to death. The ghost then attacked Scout and locked the father and Celia out of the room, allowing for the father to believe Scout responsible once more. Despite the pleas of his daughter, the father had Scout taken away, but as the dog handler began to leave, Celia was able to use her cell phone to finally capture an image of the malicious ghost who was tormenting her family. But as Celia sent Hazel to get their father, Celia was attacked and pulled into the house by the villainous ghost, with Scout barking at her as he was driven away.

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