Georgia Hartmeyer

The evil Georgia Hartmeyer

Georgia Hartmeyer (Melinda Page Hamilton) is a hidden villainess from "The Goop on the Girl," episode 5.10 of Bones (airdate December 10, 2009). She was shown in the beginning of the episode as an unlucky witness to a murder following a bank robbery.

The victim/bank robber (revealed as exterminator Holden Chevaleer) had a bomb strapped to him, which blew up after he left, causing Georgia to be covered in an immense amount of his remains. Because of this, Georgia was brought to the Jeffersonian lab, as the remains were evidence. However, after Hodgins recreated the bomb, it was realized that the residue on his fingers matched that which was on Georgia's, revealing her role in the robbery.

Georgia had met a local cab driver at a debt counseling seminar, and they colluded to rob the bank. Regarding Holden, the villainous pair found him in the phone book, and they abducted him as soon as he left work. Georgia built the bomb and the cabbie placed it on Holden, while ordering him to rob the bank. Holden performed the deed dressed in a Santa suit, and after he left with the stolen money, the frequency of the cabbie's radio caused the bomb to detonate accidentally. Following her reveal, the evil Georgia attempted to deny her role in the robbery as well as killing Holden, but later in the episode, Booth revealed to Brennan that Georgia and the cabbie confessed and ratted each other out. Georgia was arrested (off-screen) for the bank robbery and for Holden's murder.

Trivia Edit

  • Melinda Page Hamilton also played psychotic villainess Claire Bates on Criminal Minds, as well as greedy murderess Beth Gibson on The Closer, and later played villainous businesswoman Alexandra Schwartz on NCIS: New Orleans, and appeared on iZombie as the evil Maddy Larson.
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