An entrance to remember

Genevieve de la Croix (Rosalind Bennett) appeared in the 1992 Pilot for the medieval TV series ‘Covington Cross’.

Genevieve is a French envoy who is sent by the unscrupulous Mullins family to spy on the respected Grey family. She uses her feminine charms to turn the Grey brothers against each other as they vie for her attentions. However, she fails to notice that the Grey’s sister Eleanor (Ione Skye) has seen through her plot. Eleanor decides to follow Genevieve, and watches her pass on secret information about her family to the Mullins. Eleanor masquerades as the Genevieve’s coach driver and takes her out to the forest. She then uses a crossbow to get Genevieve to reveal that the Mullins family are planning to attack and kill her father.

Eleanor rushes back to her home and tells her brothers about the plot. She tells them that their precious Genevieve is a spy and signals for them to look into the back of the coach. The brothers see Genevieve on the coach floor bound and gagged.

The Grey family then rush to their father’s rescue, but not before tossing Genevieve out of the coach and watching her roll down the hill into a muddy pond.  At this point, she appears to not be bound anymore, but her cloak has been confiscated by Eleanor in order to impersonate her.  That is the last we see of the lovely but wretched Genevieve.


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