General Trofimov's evil assistant

General Trofimov's Assistant is an unnamed villainess from the episode Dr. StrangeVal (S02 E04) of the Pamela Anderson series V.I.P. She is played by Lucinda Weist.

She is the assistant of an Ukrainian General and helps him to steal their country's nuclear launch codes in the presidential aid's case. She seduced the protector of the case but he did not put it away. When the general appears, she shoots the protector from behind. She and the general come to LA to sell it, but during a shootout with the FBI, the case gets mixed up with the case of Pamela Andersons friend.

At the final showdown she tries to shoot Pamela Anderson and her friend but she ran out of bullets. She then does a few weird looking air punches and runs to Pamela Anderson. When she arrives at Pamela Anderson who was laying down, she jumps over her and makes a backflip in the air. Then she lands unsecure on her feet in frond of Pamela who just pushed her a little bit. The evilbabe falls backwards, hits a tool cabinet with her head an lays unconscious on the floor. A to easy knock out for the heroes. She is last seen taken away by the FBI.


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