General Lynex

The evil General Lynex

General Lynex (Rachel Griffiths) is the main villainess from the 2016 science fiction film, The Osiris Child. She is the company executive for the Exor corporation.

Five years prior to the film's events, General Lynex masterminded the breeding of Ragged, a beast designed to kill various indigenous species. The project included Lynex and the corporation constructing a prison, where Warden Mourdain was given the go-ahead by Lynex to turn its prisoners into the monsters; holding them inside the prison until they had enough of them to release into the planet's colonies. However, the Raggeds broke free and caused carnage throughout the city; enough to cause Lynex and her subordinates to be charged with (among other things) genocide.

In order to cover up her twisted operation, the evil Lynex planned to destroy the colony, having the plan legalized by falsely stating that the prisoners had possession of a lethal virus, which was causing a hostage situation. The villainess' machinations led to Lt. Kane Sommerville rushing to rescue his young daughter, Indi, acquiring the help of Sy Lombrok (one of the prisoners) and stepsiblings Bill and Gyp in the mission. Only Indi and Sy (the latter having transformed into one of the Ragged creatures), due to one of Lynex's drones killing the rest while they were traveling in a bus. The film ended without revealing Lynex's fate.

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