Geese Howard's mercenaries are zakos from a Chinese mobile game of the King of Fighters series called King of Fighters: Destiny made by SNK and Tencent, as well as a Korean mobile game adaptation of the King of Fighters series called King of Fighters: All-Stars made by SNK and Netmarble. Despite they share names, these two zakos has different appearances and attack patterns:

King of Fighters: Destiny variant: The mercenaries appearing in this game are much skimpier than the others. Their clothing consists of a military-style swimsuit, a thigh holster on her right leg, a pair of metal gauntlets equipped with a pair of blades as weapons, a red beret and a pair of leather boots. They have blonde hair, white skin and a curvy body. There's also a palette swap version with brown skin, blonde hair, yellow swimsuit and green beret. Their attack mostly consists of acrobatic slashes and spins. Probably the easiest zako to beat in the game as they appear earlier

King of Fighters: All-Stars variant: They have two variants in this game, and both are also hired by Rugal Bernstein. The first variant a.k.a the striker wears dark grey long-sleeved low-cut shirt, black camo cargo pants, suspenders, black cap, a belt that used to carry grenades, a pair of black fingerless gloves and a pair of black sneakers. They have white skin and short blonde hair. They mostly attack using flying kicks which can be a little problem for newbie players. The second variant a.k.a the grenadier wears the same bottomwear as the striker, only they wear a midriff-baring camo vest with a white tube top/sports bra underneath. Their bodies appear to be slightly thicker and has snow white hair. Their attack consists of throwing grenades, but due to their slow speed they can be taken out quickly, They are encountered in Heidern's stage (Chapter 7)



  • The KOF Destiny's mercenaries' arm blades resembles Gallade from Pokemon's arms
  • Both are encountered in an early part of the game

Spritesheet for the KOF Destiny variant (ripped by Holhorse from Undertow) and screenshots for the KOF: All-Stars variant:


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