Garnet MacLaine (ガーネット・マクレーン Gānetto Makurēn) is a major in the Gillard military in the animation Dragonaut -The Resonance-, who is mainly after the secret behind the Resonance process.[1]



Appearance Edit

Dark skinned woman with a violet hair and eyes of different colors; green and red, which identifies that she's a dragon. The most noticed feature of Garnet is her big breasts and she wears a brown Gillard military uniform which exposes her cleavage.[1]

Abiltiies Edit

Extremely skilled with a katana.

Story Edit

She and Asim are later engulfed in an explosion created by Gio, and are presumed dead, though they are shown to have merged with Thanatos a year later.[1]

Reference Edit

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Gallery Edit

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