Galleia (Ingrid Pitt) is the traitoress in two 1972 episodes of "Doctor Who", entitled "The Time Monster: Episode Five" and "The Time Monster: Episode Six".

Galleia was the Queen of Atlantis and the wife of King Dalios.  She became bored of her marriage to King Dalios.  In addition, she became infatuated with someone more charismatic named The Master.

The Master convinced Galleia to help him overthrow her husband. However, she turned against the Master when she learned that Dalios was dead.  She had the Master seized, but Krasis summons Kronos, whom the Master orders to destroy Atlantis.

Galleia perished when Kronos destroyed Atlantis.


  • Ingrid Pitt appeared as Camilla Karnstein  in the 1970 Hammer Horror film "The Vampire Lovers".
  • Ingrid Pitt appeared as Countess Elisabeth in the 1971 Hammer Horror film "Countess Dracula".
  • Ingrid Pitt appeared as Carla Lynde in the 1971 British Horror film "The House That Dripped Blood" in the segment entitled "The Cloak".
  • Ingrid Pitt appeared as the Librarian in the 1973 British mystery horror film "The Wicker Man".


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