Scheming villainess Gabby Jones

Gabrielle "Gabby" Jones (KJ Smith) is the main villainess from "Stop the Presses," episode 3.18 of The Inspectors (airdate March 31, 2018). She is a gossip columnist for a newspaper known as The Daily View, as well as the assistant to the editor, Edgar Holloway.

However, in a devious attempt to get a good story (as well as attention) for herself, the evil Gabby kidnapped Holloway and had him tied up in her home. As part of the ruse, the villainess wrote a ransom note, though her true game plan was to portray herself as having rescued Holloway, even composing the headline on her computer.

Gabby wrote the ransom note on her notebook, which Charlie Rosenthal gave to Veronica Ruiz. Due to the writing indentations on the book, Charlie ended up suspected and questioned by Amanda Wainwright and Eric Lin. As it turned out, Charlie's handwriting did not match the note, and after Charlie revealed that the notebook belonged to Gabby, Georgia Darby tested Gabby's handwriting, and it matched the note. Gabby was shown working out and on the phone with her friend about the kidnapping before she was encountered by Eric and Amanda, and it ended with Gabby being arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

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