Greedy blackmailer/receptionist Gabby

Gabby (London Vale) was the secondary villainess from the 2018 Lifetime film Your Baby Is Mine! (alternately titled Baby Obsession; airdate December 7, 2018). She was a receptionist at the Birthing Center, where main protagonist Anna Gray was searching for a doula.

Gabby was approached by the film's main villainess, Raquel Blackwell, who bribed her into recommending her to Anna. It was part of her delusional and vengeful plot against the protagonist, as she blamed her for the tragic demise of her infant daughter Violet 15 years prior, with the true cause of her passing being sudden infant death syndrome. After Raquel "introduced" herself to Anna as Rose Carr, her callous co-conspirator asked why she was conspiring against her victim, only for the former to respond by snapping at the latter.

Later on, the evil Gabby attempted to blackmail Raquel into keeping quiet, doing so by stating that she needed money and demanding $1,000 from the psychotic mastermind. Furthermore, she threatened to reveal her true identity if she refused to pay. Gabby then set up a meeting during which the payoff was supposed to occur, but instead, said meeting came to a violent end when Raquel bludgeoned her to death with a rock.

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