GAIL Henchwoman Giant Gorg 00

GAIL's evil henchwoman

The unnamed GAIL Henchwoman is a villainess who appears in episode 3 of the anime Giant Gorg (巨神ゴーグ or ジャイアントゴーグ).

She is an evil henchwoman working for the villainous GAIL organisation. GAIL are trying to stop Dr. Wave, and the other heroes, from discovering the secrets of New Austral Island, and are prepared to kill to prevent the island's secrets from being revealed.

After fleeing from GAIL earlier, the heroes continue their quest to reach New Austral Island, and end up travelling in a cable car. Dr. Wave and his two child companions (which includes his little sister Doris and a young boy called Yuu) are enjoying the view and the ride, when a woman stumbles as the cable car rocks. She topples from one side of the cable car towards the door of the car, before regaining her balance and giving a wink to Yuu, who blushes. The woman is wearing a white sleeveless top, which bares her stomach, as well as a short purple skirt and white high heeled sandals.

Doris then leans on the door, only for it to swing open! She holds on for her life as she hangs outside of the cable car in mid air, with Yuu trying to pull her back in. It turns out the woman deliberately opened the door as she stumbled backwards as a way of causing a distraction so she and her men could capture Dr. Wave. She watches as the children still hang desperately on to the door and smirks. The evil woman then walks over to the young heroes and tries to kill them. She kicks Yuu with her high heels and tries to push him out with her feet. Suddenly the cable car rocks for a second time, and the evil henchwoman loses her balance yet again. She is sent tumbling towards the door, only this time it is wide open as a result of her own evil plans, and she falls out of the cable car to her doom below.


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