Ishihara 3 Deadball

The evil Frau Ishihara

Frau Ishihara
(Miho Ninagawa) is the primary antagonist of the 2011 horror comedy film "Deadball" (デッドボール). She is the headmistress of Pterodactyl Juvenile Reformatory, the prison of which nearly the entire movie takes place.

Ishihara is a segregationist, as well as the granddaughter of a diplomat who aided the Nazis in their attempts at massacre; an act which she is very proud of. In addition, she is the chairperson of "Juvie League", which she describes as being created to help reform young criminals across the country through baseball. She tries to recruit Jubei Yakyu, the film's protagonist who was sent to the prison after accidentally killing his father with a baseball, shortly after his arrival. He refuses. Later, Jubei discovers that his younger brother Musashi was sent to the prison years before him, when he discovers his tombstone on the prison grounds. This time, Ishihara goes with the sympathy approach; using a device that makes her appear to be crying as she tells Jubei that it was his younger brother's dying wish for him to play baseball once more. The young man falls for it, and decides to join.

Ishihara 9 Deadball
Jubei's team, the Pterodactyl Gauntlets, is pitted against the all-female Black Dahlias. To his shock, however, the rival team begins murdering his teammates one by one in a most gruesome fashion. It is then that he learns that this was Ishihara's plan all, as she and her Nazi buddies joyfully watch the bloodbath. Jubei escapes from the game and confronts Ishihara, who then unleashes her secret weapon, GLOCKENHEIM; a cyborg personally constructed by herself, with Musashi as its powersource. Before taking on the monstrosity, Jubei finally gets vengeance on Ishihara, by slamming his hand into the back of her skull, pushing his fingers out of her nostrils, and bending them back to gouge out her eyes. 

Ishihara 5 Deadball

The headmistress tries to persuade Jubei...

Ishihara 6 Deadball

Brought to tears...

Ishihara 8 Deadball

Welcoming her dear friends to the game...

Ishihara 7 Deadball

...or perhaps not.

Ishihara 1 Deadball

Ishihara is quite the skilled fighter...

Ishihara 2 Deadball

...or, perhaps not.

Ishihara 4 Deadball

Her secret lair, where GLOCKENHEIM receives his finishing touches...

Ishihara 10 Deadball

Ejected from the game.

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