CheerleadersWildWeekend CourtneySands0

Courtney Sands as "Frankie"


A bus-load containing three cheerleading squads from 3 different schools who are heading to compete in a contest is hijacked by kidnappers and taken to a remote shack. The rivalry between the squads (one Black inner-city, one rich white girls, and one of blue-collar girls) is momentarily forgotten as the girls come together to foil their captors.

The rich schoolgirls are shocked when it is revealed that their sponsor "Frankie" (Courtney Sands) is one of the kidnappers. The busty, no-nonsense blonde (who wears a revolver in a shoulder holster) is also revealed to be a lesbian. She has had her sights on one of her girls, a timid one who refuses to strip topless for a rah-rah demonstration for the kidnappers. Frankie "rescues" the girl, taking her to the bathroom for a soothing fondling in the bathtub. Unfortunately, Frankie's lesbian seduction is ended when she sees one of the male kidnappers peeping on them.

At the end, the cheerleaders trick and overpower their armed captors. Frankie is hogtied and the object of her affection takes off her own panties and stuffs them in Frankie's mouth, as if to say 'that's as close as you're going to get to my pussy, bitch'.

CheerleadersWildWeekend rich

The rich girls wait for the bus to take them to compete.


The three cheerleading squads are herded into an old shack.

CheerleadersWildWeekend Kristine deBell

Kristine DeBell plays the de-facto leader of the victims.

CheerleadersWildWeekend Kristine deBell2

Arguing with the kidnappers is fruitless.

CheerleadersWildWeekend MarilynJoi

Marilyn Joi plays one of the Black cheerleaders.

CheerleadersWildWeekend CourtneySands4

Kidnapper Frankie has her hands full keeping the guys' hands off the girls.

CheerleadersWildWeekend CourtneySands5

But Frankie can't keep her own hands off one of her girls.

CheerleadersWildWeekend CourtneySands a

Frankie bares her assets.

CheerleadersWildWeekend CourtneySands6

Frankie and her minions are finally overpowered by the girls.

CheerleadersWildWeekend CourtneySands2

The girl's panties are stuffed into the bound Frankie's mouth!


The cheerleaders hold the kidnappers at gunpoint for the bus ride back to town.

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