Francis Sweete

Evil femme fatale Francis Sweete

Francis Sweete (Blanchard Ryan) was the main villainess of the 2008 Lifetime film Love To Kill.

History Edit

As a child, Francis's father abandoned her and her mother. This led her mother to have a series of abusive boyfriends before eventually killing herself. Francis grew up to become a manipulative sociopath, seducing wealthy men into marrying her before killing them and taking off with any money she got from them. She changes her appearance and name with every husband, thus keeping her deadly secret covered up.

Events Edit

At the beginning of the movie, Francis sets her sights on aspiring politician Nicholas Landon whilst still married to Daniel Nash, another common act of hers. After beginning a relationship with Nicholas, Francis mixed bleach with a chemical that creates massive smoke in the basement before trapping Daniel inside, causing him to have a fatal asthma attack. Soon afterwards, she married Nicholas and gets a job working with him, much to his secretary Teresa's dismay. Conflict occurs between the two women very quickly, causing Teresa to have suspicions about her that Nicholas at first ignores. But soon, Nicholas begins to catch on to Francis' true self, leading him to dig deeper. Meanwhile, Francis kills her snooping landlord by luring her to the basement by turning off the lights and then sets up the circuit box to fatally shock her.

After figuring out that Francis has already met her next target and that she's planning to kill him soon, Nicholas makes sure Francis can't get access to a recent money transfer, angering her and making her realize the police are on her trail, causing her to flee. Nicholas and Teresa decide to stay at his house until Francis is arrested and, on their first night, Francis breaks in and drugs Nicholas and Teresa before tying them up. She then recounts her backstory to the recently awoken and groggy Nicholas as she sets up their deaths, turning on the gas stove. Nicholas pushes Francis down, grabs the equally groggy Teresa and tries to run, with Francis shooting at them. They run out the front door as a police officer comes in, getting shot by Francis as he does. Francis then goes to the doorway to shoot Nicholas, but Nicholas throws a lighter into the house, causing it to ignite the gas and blow the house up, killing Francis.


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