Fran Harrison was a chief stewardess and Cynthia (no surname given) a stewardess of Winchair Airlines. Featured in issue #6 of the Franko-Belgian comic series "Largo Winch", they were also secretly working for a heroin syndicate lead by Joop van Dreema, head of the bank division of Group Winch.

When their cover blow, all drug dealers, including Fran and Cynthia, armed themselves with rifles and took an airplane by force with a load of heroin worth one billion dollars. Joop, Fran, Cynthia and the others were confident, that with that amount of money, they could retire, unfortunate for them, this did not last for long. Right after the start of the plane, when reaching flight altitude, the plane exploded in the air. Inspector Karel of the Dutch drug department suspected something fishy with this explosion, but Largo replied callous, that it was probably technical failure, and at that height anything else would be hard to proof.

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