Flor de la Cruz (Largo Winch) 1

Flor de la Cruz was a former Cuban TV anchorwoman, who took part in a scheme to take over the fortune of multinational company owner Largo Winch. She was featured in issue #11 and #12 of the Franko-Belgian comic series.

Among her evil deeds had been kidnapping and torturing Sarah Washington (a controller of the Group Winch who was investigating the production of a TV series starring Largo's friend Simon), framing Largo having sex with an under-aged prostitute, digging him in the desert with the head above ground to feed him to the ants and producing snuff videos.

In one segment, she shoots at Largo from a helicopter, greeting him with a smirk on her face. Although she is not rendered resembling Caroline Munroe, she reminds in this scene a little bit on Naomi from "The Spy Who Loved Me".

In the final arc of the story, she prepared Sarah as the "star" in one of her snuff videos, staging the torture chamber of the Spanish Inquisition in a secret underground vault. When Largo, accompanied by police storms the vault, she wanted to kill Sarah with a cleaver, but is stopped by Largo, who throw a knife, hurting her in the arm. Not giving up, she pulled the knife out of her arm, trying to attack Largo with it in surprise. But Sarah bewared, grabbed her arm and forced Flor's head front into a brazier, which had been there as a filming prop. After letting her go, Sarah laughed frantic, temporary mentally disordered after the preceding events.

It is later revealed, that Flor actually survived the severe burnings, but committed suicide in the hospital in despair about her lost beauty. On a side note, the story featured a secondary villainess. Among the "extras", dressed as Spanish inquisitors, is a blond henchwoman, who managed to escape with others the scene through a underground tunnel, just to be picked up by police at the hidden exit.

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