Flo - Princess of the Flame-God

Flo is the villainess in the Tiger Girl story comic series "Fight Comics No. 50" June 1947.

Story by Allan O'Hara / Pencils: Matt Baker / Jack Kamen.

Flo is a white criminal who has lured, together with a male henchman, over a native tribe. She pretends to be the almighty princess of a mighty flame-god and practices a kind of religious supremacy over the natives to get tribute.

The EB wants to turn off Tiger Girl and sets her a trap, but the good girl eventually overcomes all obstacles and prepares this crafty and brutal villain the deserved demise.  Tiger Girl lassoes her foot, sending Flo to a fiery end.

The princess seems to be a thirty-year-old dark-haired caucasian female. She wears a magnificent red suit with a chained necklace (but shows a lot of leg and bare skin), red high heels and a kind of fire diadem!

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