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Flavia Ducasse is the hidden true antagonist of the 1988 Italian erotic comic story "Degustatori di Morte" (Taster of Death), part of the episodic series "Il Marchese" and first published in "Dott. Graff #7". She was created by artist Giovanni Romanini.

Flavia is a Princess of Belgium. One day she shows up on the doorstep of the protagonist, Belisarius "Bel" Gold, and tells him that her husband, Kemal Bey, is trying to kill her. Bel is surprised to hear this as he knew that Kemal had been quite in love with her, but starts to believe it when his friend, Sturm, is hit by a sniper's bullet while standing next to Flavia.

Having heard rumors that his missing wife is staying with Bel, Kemal pays the protagonist a visit. Bel denies housing Flavia, but after the husband leaves, he discovers that his personal automobile was bombed, killing one of his servants. In retaliation for this, Bel has Kemal killed. Following this, Bel's geisha friend, Mariko, says that she noticed something off about Flavia. Trusting her judgement, the two sneak over to where the princess is staying, there, they discover her with the sniper and learn that everything had all been her plan to have her husband killed so that she could receive his money and empire. Not fond of having been deceived, Bel rapes and then kills her via hanging.

Flavia 2 - Il Marchese
Flavia 6 - Il Marchese

...but Sturm's injury was no accident.

Flavia 3 - Il Marchese

Flavia gives her Oscar-worthy performance...

Flavia 7 - Il Marchese

Unwittingly bowing to the one who will be her undoing.

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