Fiona 3 Superfumetti
is an unscrupulous protagonist in the 1989 Italian comic "Superfumetti #10: Atrocita` in Amazzonia" by publisher Edifumetto.

Fiona, along with her husband, Peter, fly above South America in a helicopter with a man named Alvaro Ribieras. Alvaro wishes to expand his territory in the Amazon, and in order to do this, he needs to murder all of the tribes native to the area and deforest the land. The couple are initially shocked to hear that humans will be their game on this hunting trip, but change their tune very quickly after discovering how exciting it is.

Fiona 4 Superfumetti
Fiona watches as Alvaro's men sodomize the indigenous and burn them alive. Her words are those of shock, but Alvaro keenly notices that they don't quite sync up with the look of arousal on her face. He helps her gun down one of the tribesmen, but encourages Fiona to cut off a piece of the body before she finishes him of. Due to the stimulation she received, Fiona chooses to remove the native's member and then kills him.

Fiona 9 Superfumetti
The survivors of the tribe end up capturing the hunting trio and take them to their village. As they choose to kill Alvaro first, Fiona mistakenly breathes a sigh of relief, thinking that they will think she and Peter as being just his unwitting guests. When the chief says that they will both die two, Fiona reacts with indignance, stating that she never killed anyone. The chief catches her in her lie, however, revealing that the male she tortured and killed was his own son. Fiona, along with her husband, are then executed via specially trained serpent. 
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