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A fanart of the terrorist drawn by 島国大和 on Pixiv

Fighting Terrorist is a female enemy that appears in the game Target: Terror.

She is dressed in a black leather corset exposing her cleavage as well as having with a triangular cut revealing her navel, as well as leather pants and sunglasses. She is one of if not the only terrorist completely unarmed, instead relying on punches and kicks to damage the player. She appears multiple times throughout the game and is shot to death.

She has two variations, sharing the same outfit. In her "combo" variation, she takes a serious demeanor, rising up for a quick jab, following up with a roundhouse kick, before ducking back to the bottom of the screen. When shot, her head slumps back as she collapses to the ground. She appears once in level 4 and twice in level 6 (and once again in level 9 in two player or Justice Mode).

In her second "kick" variation, she rises from the bottom of the screen with a more sadistic look to her face, before kicking you straight in the face and falling back down just as quickly. Compared to her first variation, her life-stealing attack comes slower, but she's escapes much quicker. When shot, she doubles over, clutching her belly before fading away as she collapses to the ground. She appears once in level 6 (three times total in two player or Justice Mode), twice in level 9, and twice again in the final level.

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Fighting Terrorist and Knife Terrorist Scorched

Fighting Terrorist is burned to death alongside Knife Terrorist.


Fighting Terrorist is frozen to death alongside Knife Terrorist.


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