The evil female zako

This Female Zako (女ザコ) is one of many female enemies and bosses in the Playstation 2 video game God Hand (ゴッドハンド).

She is the one of the most common, but weakest, female enemies found throughout the game.

Some of the game's cutscenes show her to be cruel bully that enjoys picking on people weaker than her. One scene shows her grinding a scared civilian under her boots, another scene shows her as the supervisor of some slaves, she tells them they are only allowed to stop working when they're dead, and frequently whips them. She laughs whenever she hurts or kills the hero, and often taunts him too.

She has a variety of attacks she can use on the hero, all of which can end up killing him if they are the final blow, these include:

  • Whipping him with her slave driver whip
  • Striking him with a heavy back hand
  • Delivering a lot of quick slaps to his face
  • Kicking him in the face with various different kicks
  • Jumping towards him and knocking him down by ramming her crotch into his face
  • Stomping on his head when he's knocked down on the floor

As well as attacking her with punches, kicks and weapons, it is possible for the player to humiliate her by bending her over his knee and spanking her.


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