An evil female warrior from The Astyanax

These Female Warriors (女戦士) are enemies from the arcade game The Astyanax aka The Lord Of King (ザ・ロード・オブ・キング).

The green haired warrior women dress themselves in purple bikini armour and carry swords to attack the hero.

They walk around the level with their sword in hand, and when the hero approaches they jump high in to the air and try to land on him with their sword aimed down towards him.

The evil babes can suffer a humiliating and/or lethal defeat at the hands of the hero, depending on your choice. After a number of strikes with a weapon, the hero will knock the bikini top off of the bad girls and they will let out an embarrassed shriek and cover up their now exposed breasts. They become harmless in this state and can no longer damage you. You can leave them to flee the scene in embarrassment or deliver another strike with your weapon and kill them.

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