Female Neohuman

The evil Female Neohuman

The unnamed Female Neohuman was a recurring villainess from "Eve of Disaster" and "Blaze of Glory", the final two cases of Criminal Case: The Conspiracy (release dates February 28 and March 7, 2019). She was one of many neohumans created by recurring villainess Denise Daniels, being made as part of Denise's diabolical plan to take over Grimsborough.

The neohuman made her first appearance in "Eve of Disaster", after Denise managed to release her and her fellow neohumans from the lab she was holding them in. When Denise and the neohumans were confronted by Ad Astra (a group that worked with Denise before she decided to kill them for outliving their usefulness, led by Denise's daughter Rozetta Pierre), the neohumans displayed their indestructiblity to Ad Astra's superpowers before Denise killed Rozetta and Julia Brine was killed when a male neohuman threw a grenade at her and Joe Warren (Joe survived the explosion, but died later from the superhuman serum he and the rest of Ad Astra took).

In "Blaze of Glory", the final case of The Conspiracy, the neohumans were revealed to be wrecking havoc on all of Grimsborough, killing anyone who got in their way. As the Grimsborough PD was investigating Denise's sudden murder, with her killer being the person currently ruling over the neohumans, the evil neohuman appeared with two male neohumans and attempted to kill the Grimsborough PD, forcing the team to flee the police station and take refuge in an abandoned precinct. After the neohumans' new leader was revealed to be Denise's former assistant Otto Kessel (also a neohuman), Amir Devani created an amplified version of the superhuman serum Ad Astra took, which would allow the user to become powerful enough to destroy the neohumans for a brief time before dying of the side effects.

After much deliberation, Rita Estevez decided to take the serum, allowing her to confront the female neohuman and her cohorts on the hill where they were lured by a fake message from Otto created by Cathy Turner. Initially, the female neohuman (as well as Otto and a male neohuman cohort) were unfazed by Rita's new powers, only to be shocked when the unnamed male neohuman was obliterated by Rita. After her attempt to obliterate Otto when he refused to surrender to arrest failed, Rita went on to obliterate the female neohuman, causing her powers to overload and result in Rita exploding, killing herself and Otto.

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