Listed below, are the female enemies encountered in "Big Karnak", a 1991 Arcade platformer developed by Gaelco.


Nut is a single encounter located in Phase 3 Zone 1.

Nut 1 - Big Karnak
Nut 2 - Big Karnak


Isis is a single encounter located in Phase 3 Zone 2.

Isis 1 - Big Karnak
Isis 2 - Big Karnak

Special Mention

All of the enemies in the game are listed with accompanying portraits in the end credit roll. Among them is the mention of an enemy from the pyramid stage named "Slave", however, the only character sprite that she bears resemblance to is the shackled blonde woman who gives the player a kiss when freed. It is unknown if the slave was going to be an enemy at one point in development or if it was simply an excuse to acknowledge the character, but in either case, I've decided to list her here.

Slave 1 - Big Karnak

Slave listed under "Enemies of the Pyramid" in the end credits.

Slave 2 - Big Karnak
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