Enemies - BRap Boys
Listed below are the female enemies found in the 1992 Arcade beat'em up game "B. Rap Boys" (Bラップボーイズ) by developer Kaneko.

Lion TamerEdit

Lion Tamer 4 - BRap Boys
The Lion Tamer is a boss in the game. She first appears alongside two lions to battle the player. Later in the game, she appears a second time along with the other bosses. She utilizes kicks, her whip and pyrotechnics to attack the hero.

Lion Tamer 2 - BRap Boys
Lion Tamer 3 - BRap Boys
Lion Tamer 1 - BRap Boys

Truck WomanEdit

Truck Woman 1 - BRap Boys
At the beginning of a game, a truck bursts through a wall. There are glimpses of what appears to be a blonde, sunglasses-wearing woman riding in the passenger seat whenever the front of the truck comes into view. She is not able to be defeated or attacked, but simply drives off after a certain amount of time.

Unused EnemiesEdit

Tucked away in the game's code are the tiles for an unused bikini-wearing female enemy. A somewhat similar bikini woman riding in the truck from the beginning is also shown in a screenshot taken from a promotional flyer for the game.

Unused 1 - BRap Boys

Bikini woman from the flyer.

Unused 2 - BRap Boys
Unused 3 - BRap Boys
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