The murderous Female Cult Member

The second unnamed Female Cult Member (Sherese Walsh) was a villainess from The Chosen, a short horror film release by Crypt TV (release date August 10, 2017). She was a member of a depraved and murderous cult centered around an entity known as "Riju", along with the film's main villainess, Velma.

After Velma murdered her family and retrieved a heart from one of her victims, she arrived at a building to join the rest of the cult, who had also each murdered someone to retrieve a body part needed for a ritual to bring Riju into reality. While her body part of contribution isn't shown, the evil cult member is shown to have to carry it in a suitcase.

After fashioning their retrieved body parts into a human body, the six cult members began chanting Riju's name, taking them into a vast area of white nothingness as a creature emerged from a red puddle. The creature then flashed its' eyes at the cult, killing the unnamed villainess along with the rest of her cult sans Velma, who blindfolded herself to protect herself.

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The Chosen - Scary Short Horror Film - Crypt TV

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