Felicity Lafitte

Murderous spirit Felicity Lafitte

Felicity Lafitte is the true main villainess of the 2016 film The Final Project. She was the former owner of the Lafitte Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, with legend saying that she and four soldiers died violently on the plantation.

The film's events have six University of Southwestern Louisiana students (Anna Davenport, Jonah Girard, Gavin Charles, Genevieve Ri'chard, Misty Gilroy, Ky Brooks, and their camerman Charles) going to the Lafitte Plantation to work on a documentary for their mass media project, despite an intense warning from a local gas station clerk that Felicity Lafitte's spirit haunted the plantation house. Soon after the students arrived at the plantation and set up their equipment, however, the clerk's warning was proven truthful, as Felicity's disturbed spirit proceeded to possess Genevieve (an implied relative of hers) to begin killing the group.

Felicity's first victim was Misty, who she killed by drowning her in a bucket of water. She then attacked Gavin (Genevieve's boyfriend) as he began searching for Genevieve, knocking him out with a shovel and using the group's van to crush him against a tree. After Felicity killed Ky by shoving him down the basement stairs, Anna and Jonah attempted to flee the plantation, finding a possessed Genevieve standing by the scene of Gavin's murder. After seeing that their friend was possessed, the pair fled back to the house, with Jonah having Anna hide in a closet while he went to investigate. However, Jonah was quickly killed when Felicity had Genevieve break his neck, and she subsequently tricked Anna into coming out of her hiding place by imitating Jonah's voice, allowing her to kill her as well.

Sometime later, their corpses were discovered and Genevieve was brought into custody under suspicion of being the murderer; having been left with no memory of the night's events due to Felicity's possession. In the film's final scene, footage was shown of Genevieve being interrogated by a pair of detectives, with Felicity's spirit becoming visible as Genevieve's pleas of innocence were met with harsh disbelief. As Genevieve tearfully stated that she had no idea what happened to her friends, the evil Felicity once more possessed the former, causing her to demonically scream at the stunned detectives. A possessed Genevieve subsequently escaped (off-screen) from police custody, with the film ending with the revelation that she had not been seen since.

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