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A spoiled heiress, Felicity Fences is the daughter of Phil Fences, a trillionaire technology tycoon. She appeared in the Season 3 episode "Planet of the Hunks".
Her father owns the Mediterranean island of Proasis as his private vacation resort, but due to his workaholic tendencies he is rarely there. As a result, he gave the island to his daughter Felicity as a gift. Felicity proceeded to redecorate the island to resemble the city of Rome during the apex of the Roman Empire. The spies refer to this decor as similar to Las Vegas.
Felicity was being spoiled her entire life by her father, providing her with everything that money can buy: clothes, cars and jewellery. Despite all of these lavish gifts her daddy provided she became bored with the lack of excitement in her life. Eventually her father attempted to appease her demands by making her the Princess of Proasis. As princess she wore designer fashion, built a Colosseum-like arena and had dungeons put underneath. She had her father design an army of robot gladiators to battle each other for her viewing pleasure. When Felicity became bored she also had her robots kidnap the world's most handsome males and take them to Proasis in Felicity's dungeons. When Felicity became bored with her victims she forced them to fight for their lives against her robot gladiators in the arena for her amusement.
Her father's latest gift, the Magnaglad 5000, is a robot gladiator over 100 feet tall and costing her father over a 1,000,000,000 dollars. WOOHP became aware of her kidnapping activities and sent Alexandra, Samantha, and Clover to rescue her victims and arrest her. After the spies arrive they find Felicity's kidnapped hunks fighting her gladiators in the arena, the spies defeat these gladiators but are quickly captured and placed in the Proasis dungeons. Felicity explained her motives to the spies and placed they and her kidnapped hunks in the arena to fight the Magnaglad 5000. When she is defeated by the spies she threatens to tell her father, but he is never shown and Felicity is taken away in a WOOHP Helicopter.
She was voiced by Jennifer Hale.

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