Felicity is a villain of "Hexchange Students", an episode from the Belgian series Sabrina: The Animated Series. is Sabrina's childhood friend from the Netherworld. In Hex-Change Students, she came to Greendale along with her brother Dawson as Gem Stone's foreign exchange students. They tricked Gem into doing all the popular things that they claim Canadians do (wearing a plunger on her head, cutting her hair, wearing a diaper, using garlic as a perfume, etc). When they meet Sabrina, they reminisce on all the good times they had in their youth. Though, they don't take an interest to Harvey and Chloe due to them being mortals. They convince Sabrina to ditch them and do all sorts of cool things together, which she reluctantly does. This causes Harvey and Chloe to be angry at Sabrina, and she starts to worry about losing her best friends. They tell Sabrina that Harvey and Chloe are just jealous of how cool she is, and when she leaves, they devise a scheme to get rid of them by trapping them in the Faerie Realm. They lure Harvey and Chloe into their trap by telling them that a party will be hosted at Gem's house. Sabrina discovers their scheme and goes to Gem's house to save Harvey and Chloe before it's too late. When their scheme fails, they terminate their friendship with Sabrina and are forced to go back to their own world.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She and Dawson went to Netherworld summer camp with Sabrina five years before.
  • She and Dawson are known for having a strong prejudice towards mortals (specifically Harvey and Chloe), as they go out of their way to stop Sabrina from being friends with them.
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