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Fazira (Wandisa Guida) is one of the major villains in the 1964 Italian peplum film Maciste in King Solomon's Mines, which is also known as Samson in King Solomon's Mines

Fazira is called in to assist a group of nobles to take over control of the kingdom from the rightful monarch, in order to take control of the gold mines. Fazira and her men, along with the nobles, take over the kingdom and enslave the population so as to extract huge amounts of gold.

The warrior Fazira quickly gets used to a life of luxury and decks herself in gold and perfume. Maciste (Reg Park), the hero, is captured by the villains but survives the torture he is subjected to due to his prodigious strength. Fazira spares the hero’s life and subjects him to an enchantment that constrains him to obey the tyrants. Fazira and her tyrant partner Namar (Giuseppe Addobati) tie up Samara (Eleonora Bianchi) on a turture rack in one scene. She and her co-tyrant organize a spectacle in which they are to cover the bodies of Samara and Kadar (Bruno Scipioni) in molten gold.

However, Maciste is freed from the enchantment. Maciste fights the tyrants’ men and frees the couple. As the now cowardly Fazira and her accomplice try to escape, Maciste directs the boiling cauldron towards them. The two of them have the impending shock of doom on their faces, as they realize it is all over for them. The cauldron spills out an on top of them, and they are literally covered in gold. The last we see of Fazira and Namar are two golden mounds of metal in the shape of the tyrants.

Trivia Edit

  • Peplum films were also known as sword-and-sandal films, and were an Italian genre of historical, mythilogical, or Biblical epics that dominated the Italian film industry from 1958-1965.
  • Wandisa Guida played Alcinoe in the 1960 peplum film Goliath and the Dragon.
  • Wandisa Guida appeared as Elena in the 1965 spy drama "Secret Agent Fireball".
  • Wandisa Guida appeared as Kary in the 1966 Italian Eurospy film "Operazione Goldman", which is also known as "Lightning Bolt".
  • Wandisa Guida played Terry Coleman in the 1966 film 007, Killers Are Challenged.

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