Evil assassin Farewell

Farewell (Jennifer Vallance) was a villainess from "Strelochnik", episode 2.08 of NBC's Taken (airdate March 23, 2018). She was the handler of CIA officer turned traitor Thomas Donovan, having a history of killilng CIA assets and then did the same to their families as a warning to those in her employ not to defact. Twenty years prior to the episode's events, Donovan had Farewell kill FSB agent Viktor after he learned about Donovan's double dealings and tried to blackmail him.

The episode's current events had Deputy Director of National Intelligence Christina Hart (Donovan's former protege and lover) tracking down Donovan and Farewell, as she had been assigned twenty years ago to take Farewell down before learning of Donovan's treachery. The episode's climax had Christina holding Donovan at gunpoint after chasing him off a train he was on. As Donovan tried to persuade Christina to kill him, however, Christina revealed the truth: her pursuit of Donovan was motivated by her desire to kill Farewell, not him; later revealing that she'd only been pursuing Donovan to get to Farewell.

At that moment, Christina turned around and shot Farewell, who had been behind Christina and presumably trying to sneak up on her. As Farewell fell to the ground wounded, Christina commented on the irony that her first time meeting Farewell would be her last, as well as how she'd shot her in revenge for Viktor and the countless CIA operatives she had murdered. Christina then finished the evil Farewell off with a second bullet, proclaiming that it was for the families she'd massacred.


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