Fahna 4 Secret of Mana

Concept art from the Japanese strategy guide.

Fanha (ファウナッハ)
is a secondary antagonist in the 1993 Super Famicom action RPG "Secret of Mana", aka. "Seiken Densetsu 2" (聖剣伝説2) by developer Squaresoft.

She, along with Geshtar, Sheex, and Thanatos, is one of the four minions of the evil Emperor Vandole. She ends up assassinating the Emperor after conspiring with Thanatos so that they can obtain the Mana Fortress, which is capable of world domination.

Fahna 1 Secret of Mana

Fanha's walking sprite.

When cornered, Fanha transforms into a monstrous snake woman called "Lamia-naga" (Hexas in the English version) in order to battle the hero party. After losing, she flees to Thanatos for help, only for him to fatally betray her as well.
Fahna 2 Secret of Mana

Fanha's post-transformation battle sprite

Fahna 5 Secret of Mana

Hexas in the HD remake.

Fahna 3 Secret of Mana

Concept art from the HD remake.

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