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Fake Althena
 (偽アルテナ) is a secondary antagonist in the fantasy RPG "Lunar: Eternal Blue" (LUNAR エターナルブルー), and its remake "Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete" by Gamearts.

In exchange for eternal beauty and youth, she aids the game's main antagonist, Zophar, by impersonating the goddess Althena at the city of Pentegulia. After this ruse falls apart, the phony retreats to the Goddess Tower and begs the God of Destruction to help her. Zophar gives her the power to change into a monster, but it is not enough to stop the hero party and she is killed.

FakeAlthenaC LEBC

In-game portrait

FakeAlthenaB LEBC


FakeAlthenaA LEBC

Monster form (EB Complete)

FakeAlthenaB LEB


The Fake Althena's cowardly end (jump to 2 25)

The Fake Althena's cowardly end (jump to 2 25)

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