Face-Painted Assailant

The evil and unnamed Face-Painted Assailant

​​​​​​The unnamed Face-Painted Assailant (Marijike Pascolutti) is the main villainess from What a Bad Day, an Italian 15 second horror film released on October 7, 2018.

The film begins with a man entering his car while on the phone with his girlfriend, who is breaking up with him. The man argues with his girlfriend over the break-up, which comes on the same day that he lost his job.

At that moment, a woman with face paint over her eyes is revealed to be in the back seat of the car, fretting over the bad day the man is having before she attacks him. The end of the film indicates that the evil woman killed her intended victim.


What a bad day - 15 second horror film challenge

What a bad day - 15 second horror film challenge

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