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Exzema (Lauri Warren) is a henchwoman in the 1989 sci-fi film, "Princess Warrior".

Exzema is a henchwoman along with Bulemia (Christina Lucia Peralta-Ramos) and Ricketsia (Diana Karanikas).  They are loyal to Curette (Dana Fredsti), the oldest daughter of the planet Vulkaria's dying Queen (Cheryl Janecky).  Curette and the other daughter, Ovule (Sharon Lee Jones) are summoned to their mother's death bed.  The Queen passes the legacy ring to Ovule before dying.  Curette is outraged, and with the help of her three henchwoman, take out several of the priestesses in a sabor fight.  

When Ovule is whisked away by the other priestesses, Curette and her henchbabes follow.  Ovule is transported to Earth through a portal in the form of a fancy phone booth, and lands in a bar with a wet t-shirt contest going on.  Curette and her followers program a teleport through the same means with Curette, Bulemia and Exzema taking off in pursuit.  Ricketsia stays behind to bring them back later.  The idea is to find Ovule, kill her, and return to claim her planet.

While there, they knock out a group of men dressed in spandex and take their clothes.  They spend the rest of the time wearing these awful spandex, when the original space outfits were much more flatering.

Eventually, Ricketsia is killed in a sabre fight with a priestess (Sydney Coale), and Bulemia and Exzema are killed in a gunfight with two police men.