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Bad Rain's appearance in Resident Evil: Retribution.


Evil Rain (or Bad Rain) is the evil clone of Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez) from the first Resident Evil film. The original Rain Ocampo was killed by Alice once she became a zombie. However, Umbrella was able to clone Rain, producing a good clone and an evil clone. The good clone, dubbed as "Good Rain" is a pacifist, anti-gun character while her evil clone is an Umbrella commando loyal to the company. Evil Rain appeared as an heavily-armed, appropriately equipped Umbrella commando, appearing alongside the evil clones of Carlos Olivera and James Shade. While Evil Carlos and Evil James Shade was killed by the main characters throughout the film, Evil Rain survived to fight the protagonists in a final standoff. She injected herself with the Plaga Virus, rendering her near-invincible powers. She could shrug of multiple blows from Leon and Luther, who unloaded their pistols at her with no effect. She even took a blow to the head with a fire extinguisher which did nothing at all. Evil Rain killed Luther with a strong punch to chest, destroying his sternum and causing cardiac arrest. Evil Rain also survived being shot Alice's submachine gun. Alice almost suffered the same fate as Luther. Since Alice knew Evil Rain is somewhat "immortal" she shot the ice Evil Rain was standing and fell to icy waters as the Plaga Zombies took bites out of her. She told Alice and the group "I'll Get You" before being dragged down the icy waters by the Plaga Zombies.

Resident Evil 5 Retribution - Bad Rain Ocampo Death Scene (Michelle Rodriguez)

Resident Evil 5 Retribution - Bad Rain Ocampo Death Scene (Michelle Rodriguez)

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