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Evil Queen (Ever After High) Edit

The Evil Queen, also known as Mira Shards, is the main villain from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the main antagonist of Ever After High. She is currently in mirror prison for the crime of overstepping her story's boundaries and trying to take over all of the kingdoms in Ever After. She famously disrupted Sleeping Beauty's story and invaded Wonderland. She is Raven Queen's mother.

True to her title, this fairytale villain is malicious, but like a true queen, she is also poised and regal, ambitious and a natural leader. She has much apathy for other people, and often has trouble trusting others as she would rather double-cross them. Everyone, that is, except for her daughter. She has been conditioning her daughter her whole life to take after her: bringing her to war meetings with her generals, teaching her to brew potions and poisons, and scolding her for acts of goodness, e.g. apologizing. She knows how to talk her way out of a situation using exploitation of one's insecurities or manipulating feelings. Yet for some reason, Raven is not like her at all. Still, she loves her very much and looks forward to the day when Raven rises to the occasion and takes hold of her evil destiny. The Evil Queen is an excellent schemer and strategist. She is notably intelligent and dedicated to her plans unless they lose their purpose.

In her younger years, the Evil Queen appeared to be more trusting, innocent, humble, and kindhearted. Although she believed in change, she understood the consequences that came with her beliefs. Since she was a teen, she always had an interest in studying Wonderland.

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The Evil Queen Escapes! Ever After High

The Evil Queen Escapes! Ever After High

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