The unnamed Evil Fairy

The unnamed Evil Fairy (Susan Silo) is the main villainess of Golden Films' 1992 adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. She was a sinister enchantress who, years prior to the film's events, maliciously placed a curse on a prince (whose name was never revealed), turning him into a beast until a woman pure of heart would agree to marry him.

During the film's present events, Beauty (the film's titular heroine) was forced by the prince (having become cruel as a result of the Fairy's curse) to stay at his castle after her father tried to take a rose from his garden. Sensing that Beauty could potentially break her spell, the evil fairy appeared to Beauty in a dream, telling her that the "Beast" would use gentleness to hide his true cruelty and that she was warning her to beware of him.

Later on, when Beauty was granted by the Beast the opportunity to return to her family for a week, the fairy reappeared to her and encouraged her to not return to the castle. When reminded by Beauty that the Beast would die if she didn't return, the fairy proclaimed he was a cruel animal who deserved to die, while also claiming he would kill Beauty once he grew tired of her like he had other women who came to his castle, allowing her to hear their supposed spirits as proof to her false claims.

While Beauty's villainous sisters almost succeeded in keeping Beauty from returning as she had promised the Beast, she was ultimately able to return and save the Beast by agreeing to marry him, which also broke the spell the Evil Fairy had placed on him. After the Prince explained to Beauty how the fairy had cursed him years prior, the Prince's housekeeper Clara came in dragging the Evil Fairy by her ear, boasting to her how her spell had been broken and she was now left powerless as a result. As Beauty recognized the fairy from the one in her dreams, Clara revealed that the evil fairy was her sister before dragging the defeated villainess away.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Susan Silo also lent her voice to Alicia, one of Beauty's villainous sisters who served as the film's secondary villainesses.
  • Susan Silo also provided the voice of villainess Ursula Fenstermacher from Garfield and Friends.

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