The Evil Beach Bunnies

The Evil Beach Bunnies are a group of six henchwomen from the Totally Spies episode I, Dude.

They work for the episode's main villain Frankie Dude, a former surfer who is destroying beach resorts to restore them back to their previous states, which were more suitable for surfing.

All of them wear identical shiny blue strapless bikinis, which look almost metallic. They are also barefoot. They have a range of hair colors as well. They are unnamed, individually differentiated females. Four of them appear to be Caucasian while two of them appear to be black. They have very fit and shapely bodies, and appear to be around the same age as the show's spy heroines.

They are first seen capturing the show's spy heroines and bringing them to Frankie Dude's submarine. They then place them in the Tanning Bed of Doom and crank the heat up to maximum, attempting to burn the spies to death. The spies use their gadgets to escape the tanning bed and have a very short fight with the Beach Bunnies. Their fighting skills are not as good as the spies, however, and they find themselves punched, kicked and thrown around. They are ultimately defeated when one of the spies sprays a sticky substance called "24 Hour Extra Power All Day Adhesive Hair Pomade" on the feet of the bunnies, causing them to be stuck in place and unable to move. They struggle in vain, but the substance is too strong and sticky for them to escape from.

It is unknown what happens to them after they have been stuck to the deck of the submarine. The main villain, Frankie Dude, simply abandons them after they had been stuck. Strangely enough, they disappear completely after having been stuck to the floor, and are not seen again. Presumably they are arrested, but this is not shown.


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