Evil Alien 1 - Splashtacular
The Evil Alien is the primary antagonist of the short lived stage show "Splashtacular" at EPCOT Center. The show was televised on The Disney Channel in 1994.

The villainess crashes a celebration held by Mickey Mouse and his friends with the goal of robbing the planet earth of all its colors, as her own planet lost its' color during an intergalactic war. The alien also terrorized Mickey and his friends during her villainous rantings, particularly frightening Minnie Mouse by snatching her flower from her.

When the heroes resist, the alien summons her pet, a cyborg-dinosaur named "TerrorsauX" to attack them. Mickey is ultimately able to use his magic to defeat TerrorsauX, and while the alien bemoaned the destruction of her pet, Mickey uses his magic to defeat the villainous alien as well.



Splashtacular - Epcot Center - 1993

Splashtacular - Epcot Center - 1993

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