Evelyn Whitland

The evil Evelyn Whitland

Evelyn Whitland (Jennifer Dale) is the tertiary villainess from the 2019 Lifetime film, Homekilling Queen (airdate May 11, 2019). She is the mother of Connie Manning and the grandmother of Connie's daughter, Whitney Manning.

Evelyn was quickly established as a controlling figure, not only towards Connie but also to Whitney as well. Early in the film, Evelyn revealed the truth about her daughter and granddaughter's upbringing: her first husband (Connie's father) was actually dirt poor, and she revealed that he was killed in a car accident. She later married a wealthy man, and enjoyed being in wealth despite their marriage being imperfect. Evelyn revealed that her second husband was also killed in a car accident, and it was indicated that Evelyn had a hand in both deaths.

Later in the film, Whitney vented over the increase of Natasha Hart's popularity in the homecoming queen race, and while Whitney blamed Natasha for her problems, the evil Evelyn stated that it was Whitney's own fault, and that she needed to "take charge of her destiny." She added that she reminded her about how they received their wealth, and that it wasn't an accident, furthering the indication that Evelyn killed her way to her lavish lifestyle. The scheming villainess even funded Whitney's scheme to set up Natasha as a drug user, giving her the $1000 she needed to by the Oxycontin, and after the trio was confronted by Natasha and her mother, Sarah Hart, regarding Whitney's actions, Evelyn and Connie both covered for Whitney, even after the truth was revealed. The film ended with Whitney arrested for killing Jason Montrose, though Evelyn's fate wasn't revealed.

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  • "It is time, young lady, for you to take charge of your own destiny. I told you how we got all of this, and it's no accident, darling. So, you go after what you matter what it takes. You hear me?" (Evelyn Whitland's ominous advice to her granddaughter, Whitney Manning)
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