The evil Eva

Eva (Cami Storm) is the hidden villainess of "Troubled Youth", a 2018 short horror film released by CryptTV (official release date January 19, 2018). She was a high school student who was shown hiding in a classroom with three of her classmates, while a monstrous creature was ravaging their school.

As the creature attacked and killed a friend of the group in the hallway, Eva encouraged her friends to hide in the closet. But as Eva began to crawl towards the hiding spot, a pair of tongs hit the ground, alerting the creature to the teens' presence in the classroom. The creature then entered the room and approached Eva, seemingly preparing to kill her.

But as her friends panicked and tried to close the closet door, Eva turned heel and used the tongs to prop it open, grinning sadistically at her friends as she turned to face the creature. Eva then began talking with the humanoid monster and asking if it ate, revealing herself as the murderous creature's owner. When one of her friends asked why she'd let the creature attack their school, Eva simply stated that they were all "sheep" and it was time to bring in a "wolf".

With that, the evil Eva pulled out a pendant filled with a liquid that she sprinkled on her defenseless friends, allowing for her pet to devour them. The final scene of the movie showed Eva smiling as she walked down the ravaged halls of her school, flashing a sinister grin at the carnage created by her "pet".

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Troubled Youth - Short Horror Film - Crypt TV

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