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Eva (エヴァ) is a secondary antagonist in the 1994 action crime manga "Mari no Emono Volume 3" (マリーの獲物3 by mangaka 千葉 潔和. She is a professional killer and part of the deadly "Nightmare" trio of siblings.

When the protagonist, Mari Kodaka, starts interferring, Columbian drug queen Tina Grace recruits the help of her two sisters, Carrie and Eva to help take her out. Eva is the first to move. She manages to find Mari and Lisa (a friend of the heroine) on a subway car. After killing the driver, Eva makes her entrance. Mari and Lisa both open fire, but are shocked to see that the assassin's suit is made out of bulletproof kevlar. Lisa is knocked out of the car, and Mari is momentarily incapacitated. Eva spots a fallen weapon nearby, but when she goes to use it, it is revealed to be booby-trapped, and her face becomes disfigured. The subway train crashes, and Eva makes one last ditch to stab the heroine with her knife, but is fatally impaled on some debri before she is able.

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